Published since 1996, Junior Baseball is America’s oldest magazine connecting baseball to kids 6-18. We know it’s tough to get boys this age to read. But with Junior Baseball, kids read cover-to-cover the game advice, entertainment and good clean fun we pack in every issue! If you’ve got a baseball fan in the house, you need Junior Baseball!

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Youth Baseball Star

In every issue of Junior Baseball you'll find a special section called Youth Baseball Star. Covering the Travel Ball and Tournament scenes, it's content intended for the more competitive set of players and coaches in the sport -- and those who aspire to take their game to the next level. Find it free in every issue of Junior Baseball.


Every issue of Junior Baseball is jam-packed with entertaining and informative content. Here's some regular stories that our readers love.

Junior Baseball is written at 3 reading levels, ensuring kids ages 6-18 can understand and enjoy the content.

Interviews with Major League Players on their memories of playing youth baseball and advice to today's players.


Nutrition and off-the-field training guidance for players to help them improve their performances.

Every issue you'll find our Coaching section, with advice for on- and off-the-field issues written by experienced coaches in the youth game.


A column with powerful advice by our sports psychologist for parents looking to guide their son through sports and through life.

While Junior Baseball is now a digital only publication, clicking on the 'Download' option to read the publication enables you to print the magazine. Especially helpful for the Game Room puzzles section in every issue.

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